The Remediation Group

Experience and depth

With two decades of experience rectifying sites with impacted soil and groundwater, TRG provides comprehensive solutions, from pilot trial rental equipment, through to bespoke treatment system design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We work directly with companies in the petroleum, chemical, mining and property development sectors, and indirectly with their environmental consultants, in partnerships that share expertise and deliver effective, compliant solutions.

The team understands the whole remediation cycle from diagnosis to long term maintenance and is passionate about the vital role remediation plays in re-establishing an environmental balance. We focus on short terms results and long term solutions by anticipating and accommodating change at the planning stage.

What sets The Remediation Group apart

  • Practical Services
    We do the groundwork. Our practical services deliver measurable results on the ground and not just on paper.

  • Proven Methods
    We use methods proven over many years and situations, which we sequence and adjust to ensure the most sustainable strategy.

  • Reliable Products
    We incorporate only those products that have earned global reputations for quality, reliability and performance.

  • Specialist Skills
    Our team consolidates over 20 years’ specialised knowledge and skills in remediation design, engineering, construction and management.  

  • Strong Partnerships
    We partner with leading Australian and international manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and service providers to achieve precise outcomes with the right technology.

  • Measurable results
    We deliver practical solutions that are reliable, compliant and deliver measurable results.
"The key objective for The Remediation Group was to remove roadblocks for our client and so far, this has occurred. In my opinion, of the many providers in this area, TRG is one of the top two."

Senior Project Manager
Global Environmental Consultancy

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