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The performance and reliability of our solutions are dependent on the components and materials used to construct them. We choose the type and supplier of our materials with great care, and select only those who have long term reputations for quality.  

While we have agency agreements with each of the suppliers below, we select the optimal technology and equipment that best fit the application and desired outcomes for every project.


Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Catalytic Combustion Corporation (USA)

TRG is the exclusive Australian agent for Catalytic Combustion Corporation’s (CCC) remediation equipment which includes catalytic oxidisers, thermal oxidisers, regenerative thermal oxidisers and rotary concentrator systems used in selected remediation situations. CCC  developed and patented the first catalyst systems in the USA to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from groundwater by catalysing their destruction.

 General Carbon Corp

General Carbon Corp (USA)

Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent in treatment of both air and water. TRG sources activated carbon from General Carbon Corporation (GCC), an established supplier who has been operating for nearly 50 years. GCC’s activated carbon range includes pelletized, granular, powdered and reactivated from coal, coconut shell and wood as well as related equipment. TRG is the Australasian distributor for the GCC range.


Pervasive Telemetry

Pervasive Telemetry (Australia)

By using remote monitoring and real time notification of equipment and field conditions, we can ensure operation of treatment systems on clients’ sites as close as possible to 100% of the time. This is achieved via a web-based remote monitoring and control service provided by Pervasive Telemetry, which we use exclusively.


EN2000 First Response

EN2000 First Response

We use and recommend these Australian-made, environmentally-friendly, specialist surfactants to treat hydrocarbon plumes. Concentrated and biodegradable, these emulsifiers engulf and break down oils, fatty acids and hydrocarbons, enabling biodegradation by naturally-occurring soil bacteria. 



Ziltek (Australia)

The need to treat soil with chemical or biological additives can be part of the remediation process. We use and recommend the Ziltek range of treatment soil treatment additives which include RemActive™ a mixture of micro-organisms and nutrients that promotes faster microbial growth and bioremediation, and RemBind® that uses patented chemical fixation and solidification (CFS) technology to bind toxic contaminants and prevent their leaching into the environment.



Eco Environmental (Australia)

When required for our soil and water remediation systems, we access Eco’s specialist range of monitoring, sampling, detection and calibration equipment as well as consumables. Eco is an established and respected Perth-based supplier of environmental monitoring equipment for rental and sale. 



Incinco (USA)

Disposal by incineration is often the most effective and safe method of destruction; it is also one of the oldest and most proven. Complementary to our remediation work, we provide industrial incinerators manufactured by another long term provider, Incinco (UK) who has a proud 80 year history of operation.



When In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is required, we call on MECX who is recognised for its innovative treatment technologies, proprietary reagent formulations and processes.  MECX is based in Houston (Texas) and provides environmental remediation and engineering solutions applicable to the treatment of petroleum-based fuels, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, organic pesticides, and other organic contaminants in groundwater and saturated soils.


"Catalytic Combustion Corporation is pleased to partner with The Remediation Group (TRG) in the supply of products and services to the remediation market in Australasia. TRG is very knowledgeable in the industry and we support them fully with our portfolio of oxidizer systems."

Keith J Herbert
P.E. Vice President, Sales
Catalytic Combustion Corporation

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