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Reliable Products

The Remediation Group combines products and services that are renowned for their reliability and treatment effectiveness. Third party analysis of treated water and vapour confirms that our treatment systems achieve extraction rates that consistently meet or exceed discharge limit targets.

To treat contaminated groundwater and soil, we provide:

Customised Treatment Systems

These are designed and built to match site specific requirements. Systems can be tailored to fulfill any of the standard treatment methods that we use. Treatment systems like these that run and work effectively short and long term can achieve genuine, sustainable remediation. Creation of our customised systems involves a sequence of practical services.

Rental Treatment Units

These units can be used for:

Renting treatment units can be a economical way to achieve clean-up in a limited timeframe, as it enables easy sequencing of several treatment methods. It is especially cost- and time-effective when compared with the one method/technology screening matrix approach.  Where capital investment is limited or undesirable, rental has the added attraction of being an operational expense.

Our growing fleet of rental systems includes:

"As a result of The Remediation Group’s work, the system is working far more efficiently with higher recovery, and equipment failures are very rare. As a result, we have made huge savings, especially in maintenance costs."

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