The Remediation Group

Daniel Egan

Daniel is Technical Director and a Founder of The Remediation Group.

Daniel has over 15 years practical experience in environmental remediation, holding senior positions with IT Environmental (now part of Coffey Partners).

Daniel has a very practical approach to remediation which has shaped The Remediation Group’s philosophy and approach. With project-leading, design, construction and maintenance experience on over 20 projects in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Mexico, Daniel has proved that experience is the vital factor in successful site remediation. Daniel holds qualifications in Electrical Contracting, Fibre Optics and Electronics for Electrical Trades, Project Management from the University of New England, as well as specific petroleum industry certificates.

With The Remediation Group, Daniel takes the technical project leader role, where his experience provides essential early input to diagnosis and design. Daniel is by nature an optimist and his positive, hands-on approach has led to many complex challenges being resolved effectively, on time and on budget.


Jon Miller

Jon is Managing Director and a Founder of The Remediation Group.

Jon’s background is business administration and development, built on qualifications in Business, Science Education and Teaching, to which he has added certificates in the petroleum industry. With over 18 years’ business experience, Jon has held senior positions with Experian (UK) and Pacific Micromarketing as well as senior lecturing, teaching and managerial roles.

Jon has been responsible for shaping the business process side of the Remediation Group. His ability to couple detail and process with high level business perspective, has ensured the business has stayed on course whilst growing rapidly. His business skills are highly complementary to the technical expertise of the rest of the team.

With the Remediation Group, Jon holds the senior management and administrative role, which he couples with business development and marketing. By nature Jon is a pragmatist and he continues to bring process, rigour and people skills to the company’s offering.


Donald Crameri

Donald is a Technical Engineer with The Remediation Group.

Donald has over 20 years’ experience in the mechanical and process engineering industry, holding senior roles with Pilkington ACI Glass and JL Gould Sawmills Holding. Donald is qualified in Engineering Technology and Production, OHS and Emergency Response. His experience covers diverse applications of mechanical and process knowledge, in a variety of industries including timber, glass, automotive repair and leisure.

With The Remediation Group, Donald is responsible for installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of systems, often designed by others in the Group.


Iain Puddy

Iain Puddy is the Systems Integrator for the Remediation Group.

Iain has been integrating computer systems for over 14 years, in a wide variety of settings including mining, transport, wastewater treatment, power generation, media, agriculture, marine vessels and manufacturing. He has held senior positions with BV Systems, Motherwell Automation and International Systems Integrators.

Iain has extensive experience with control system logic, Automatic Fare Collection Systems (AFC), Access Control Systems, Radio Telemetry, SCADA and PLC programming, fixed and remote devices for data acquisition and has personally designed, documented and integrated a variety of hardware and software solutions.

Iain’s projects have taken him around the globe, the UK, USA, Brazil and Puerto Rico, Brunei and UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Papua New Guinea as well as in Australia.

With The Remediation Group, Iain is responsible for the design, construction, documentation and implementation of the systems that enable the on site remediation solutions to be accessed, monitored and controlled remotely.

"...They think, they are great to work with, easy to get on with, they’re innovative and they do things on time."

Matthew Malseed, Director – Townhouse Division, Hamton

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