The Remediation Group

Variety and number

Our remediation skills are applied in various ways. Depending on the situation, we may optimise the operation of existing treatment systems, design a new treatment system and build, install, commission and maintain it, or design a completely custom solution based on unique site requirements. Our focus is to ensure practical measurable results and we modify our approach accordingly.

As a result, members of our team have worked with a broad spectrum of companies to resolve a variety of remediation challenges. Following are examples of their work. Due to the sensitive nature of some types of remediation, not all clients wish to have their details published. Where possible, we will provide contact details for specific case studies, if required.


The following typical case studies indicate the variety of our work and the calibre of client feedback we enjoy.

"With The Remediation Group, we know the problem will be fixed and will work on the ground, not just on paper. We regard them as partners not contractors, who understand the issues both short and long term..."

Dr Bruce Anderson
Principal Environmental Scientist

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