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 In NSW, Australia, a fuel tank replacement project was underway when site workers identified that the groundwater was impacted by hydrocarbons, at concentrations significantly higher than what was originally anticipated.

According to the URS project manager, finding such groundwater at sites like this is not unusual, and often can be handled by pumping the water into road tankers for removal to trade waste treatment facilities.

The project manager recalls, 'The volume was comparable to a couple of Olympic swimming pools, so using tankers was out of the question. We needed a fast and effective way to treat a large volume in situ, and to a standard able to be discharged to stormwater.'

URS needed a provider who could:

  • Treat the groundwater at 5-25 litres per second
  • Assure decontamination to water standards. approved by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
  • Quote, install and commission without delay.
  • Complete the whole project in a few weeks.

'Ability to respond quickly was important because just replacing the tanks was going to take 8 weeks. Understandably, our client wanted the site operating again as soon as practicable.'

URS approached another company as well, but it was unable to assure treatment rates above 3 litres per second, so URS turned to TRG.



TRG responded quickly with a proposal that met all requirements, including:

  • Building new treatment tanks off-site.
  • A treatment system based on activated carbon and air-sparging technologies.
  • Site preparations with 2 other teams.
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning.
  • Operation and treatment to agreed flow and purification rates.
  • De-commission of system and removal from site.
  • On-sell of treatment tanks to reduce cost.


  • The TRG treatment system was operating within 2 weeks from the proposal date.
  • URS monitored contaminant concentrations daily to confirm treatment to the required levels.
  • The TRG system was quickly adapted when a vaporous second contaminant was identified. This compound was also removed to required levels.
  • The treatment discharge achieved a higher level of decontamination than required by the regulatory authority.
  • The system was decommissioned within 5 weeks from proposal date.


Looking back, the project manager reported 'TRG delivered on time and the system worked. The client is happy and so are the environmental regulators. This is a good outcome.'

URS Project Manager


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"The volume was comparable to a couple of Olympic swimming pools in volumeā€¦ We needed a fast and effective way to treat a large volume in situ, and to a standard able to be discharged to stormwater."
URS Project Manager

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