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AECOM is a global technical services provider with 32,000 staff worldwide. Recently the company acquired ENSR, a leading Australian professional services firm that had provided services in environmental, OHS and natural resource management, for over 30 years. The Remediation Group has worked extensively with ENSR, its predecessor HLA and now with AECOM.

ENSR had built a proud reputation for smart, practical and sustainable solutions that add genuine value for its clients who spanned remote, rural and urban areas across Australia



ENSR’s many projects around Australia required very individual solutions. When it came to environmental remediation, the company had significant consulting expertise in-house, but needed partners who could deliver its recommendations on the ground. For various clients ENSR investigated:

  • Adding remediation design, construction and maintenance to its in-house skill set.
  • Outsourcing the various remediation stages to 3rd parties and managing the process.
  • Using pilot scale remediation units to collect specifications in situ before design and construction of full scale systems.

Each approach had advantages and drawbacks, and each had the impact of diverting prime ENSR resources to non-core activities.



ENSR heard about The Remediation Group through recommendation from another project. This first engagement showed ENSR the practical, hands-on approach which is not always typical in the industry, yet is a trademark of The Remediation Group.

Since then, over several major remediation projects involving hydrocarbons and chlorinated compounds, ENSR gained the best results from:

  • Including the Group at the initial site evaluation stage.
  • Inviting the Group’s early input to system design.
  • Encouraging the Group’s input throughout the remediation process including treatment methodology, system design, site issues and maintenance changes.
  • Enabling the Group to anticipate and resolve contingencies at the planning stage.
  • Working with the Group as partners rather than contracted builders of pre-specified designs.


For ENSR, the mark of success was when key client stakeholders lost interest in the remediation project completely and began to focus elsewhere. As this has been the hallmark of many projects, ENSR continued to use The Remediation Group for a variety of remediation projects.



"With The Remediation Group, we know the problem will be fixed and will work in practice, not just on paper. We regard them as partners not contractors, who understand the issues both short and long term. They know the remediation process thoroughly and provide valuable early insights that can be critical to success."

Dr Bruce Anderson, Principal Environmental Scientist, AECOM


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"With The Remediation Group, we know the problem will be fixed and will work on the ground, not just on paper."

Dr Bruce Anderson
Principal Environmental Scientist

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