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Strong partnerships

The Remediation Group specializes in the practical side of environmental remediation. To leverage our in-house skills, we forge alliances with specialist providers for selected projects and work with a number of recognized industry associations. The strength and value of these partnerships have been proven over many projects, in both Australia and overseas.




ICM Group

ICM Group (Australia)

ICM Group provides electrical and mechanical engineering solutions and hazardous area certification services to industrial, commercial and mining clients in Australia and overseas. The ICM Group provides local support in Perth and Darwin enabling The Remediation Group to provide high quality service on the ground in these geographical markets.

  German Remediation Group

German Remediation Group (Germany)

This group combines skills from Germany’s leading experts in large-scale remediation, including planning, to engineering and technology to project management. Two key members of the group are  WISUTEC a specialist in  treatment of mining waste, environmental monitoring and and management and GICON, a specialist in groundwater recovery, hazardous waste disposal, water management and environmental protection, as well as renewable energy including wind, solar, geo-thermal and bio-energy.

 Soilutions (UK)

Soilutions (UK)

Soilutions is an independent remediation contractor based in Scotland, providing established and emerging technologies for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater and reclamation of brownfield land. Our relationship enables us to supply treatment systems into the UK and to utilise Soilutions’ expertise in Australia and the Middle East.


Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment

Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment (Canada)

Maple Leaf Environmental (MLE) designs, builds, commissions and supports systems for soil remediation and industrial applications. MLE are the Canadian agents for CCC. They also support TRG through the supply of skid-mounted equipment models for larger projects.


360 Environmental

360 Environmental (Australia)

360 Environmental is a Perth-based environmental consulting group that provides the complete solution from impact and site assessment, to construction management, contamination assessment, compliance reporting, stakeholder management and environmental training. The Remediation Group supports 360 Environmental with practical services on the ground.




Australian Land and Groundwater Association

Australian Land and Groundwater Association

ALGA comprises organisations involved in the management of contaminated land and groundwater. It is a forum for exchange and development of ideas between members, that meets the evolving needs of the industry and increases the knowledge and skills of the industry. The Remediation Group is a Gold Sponsor of ALGA and currently serves on its board.


Australian Remediation Industry Cluster

Australian Remediation Industry Cluster

Launched in 2007, the Australian Remediation Industry Cluster (ARIC) represents a unique network of Australian expertise in environmental remediation. Formed to foster the development of skills and technology to combat contamination, ARIC is emerging as Australia's key professional association in this field. It is set to play a significant scientific, technical and advisory role in a rapidly expanding national and international de-contamination market.


"Catalytic Combustion Corporation is pleased to partner with The Remediation Group (TRG) in the supply of products and services to the remediation market in Australasia. TRG is very knowledgeable in the industry and we support them fully with our portfolio of oxidizer systems."

Keith J Herbert
P.E. Vice President, Sales
Catalytic Combustion Corporation

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