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The Remediation Group has worked on major and minor projects in Australia and overseas. We have many satisfied clients for whom we have completed more than one project.

Due to the sensitive nature of some remediation work, many clients prefer to remain anonymous. Here is what a few say about us.


"We chose TRG because they are specialists in manufacture of high tech, automated, no nonsense remediation equipment, and they have years of experience and passion for their work. The project has been a success; the right technology has been chosen which is well suited to the site, the climate and to operational needs and the client is very happy."

Consultant to Middle Eastern Oil Company


"Being located in the West, when our providers are in the East, projects can become very difficult if the basics aren’t handled well. Our dealings with TRG have all been positive, upfront and straight forward. The project has been well-organised and managed from initial consultation to quote to installation to invoice."

Matthew Magistro, Gull Petroleum


"With The Remediation Group, we know the problem will be fixed and will work on the ground, not just on paper. We regard them as partners not contractors, who understand the issues both short and long term. They know the remediation process thoroughly and provide valuable early insights that can be critical to success."

"The mark of success for us is when our clients completely lose interest in the remediation project and get back to business. With The Remediation Group we know we will achieve this result"

Dr Bruce Anderson, Principal Environmental Scientist, AECOM


"This development would not have proceeded without the long term solution negotiated at length with the EPA. The hydraulic containment system designed and constructed by the Remediation Group is the key practical part of the solution which must meet tough environmental standards for many years. We are very pleased with progress so far and with the work The Remediation Group has done. They think, they are great to work with, easy to get on with, they’re innovative and they do things on time."

Matthew Malseed, Director – Townhouse Division, Hamton Property Group


"The key objective for The Remediation Group was to remove roadblocks for our client and so far, this has occurred. In my opinion, of the many providers in this area, TRG is one of the top two."

Senior Project Manager, Global Engineering and Environmental Services Consultancy


"Dan Egan really understands the remediation process and chooses the right solution for site-specific conditions without over–design."

Corrado Rizza, Industry Aassociate


"As a result of The Remediation Group’s work, the system is working far more efficiently with higher recovery, and equipment failures are very rare. As a result, we have made huge savings, especially in maintenance costs."

Environmental Specialist, Major Oil Company


"Working with the Remediation group has allowed us to showcase our web-based systems to new markets. We've also enhanced our website database with functionality we can sell in other markets. We are pleased to have TRG as our partner in the remediation market."

Bruce Davis, Director Data Acquisition Networks


"Catalytic Combustion Corporation is pleased to partner with The Remediation Group (TRG) in the supply of products and services to the remediation market in Australasia. TRG is very knowledgeable in the industry and we support them fully with our portfolio of oxidizer systems."

Keith J Herbert, Vice President Sales, Catalytic Combustion Corporation


"We've dealt with The Remediation Group now for over 12 months in relation to remediation pumps and other equipment. They are conscientious in their work and pay attention to detail. As a business, we find them easy to work with."

Dr Ross Headifen, Former General Manager Enviroequip



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