The Remediation Group

From technology selection to maintenance

Our practical services for customising solutions to each remediation situation include:


Technology Selection

After meeting with the client or client’s consultants, site appraisal and review of suitable techniques, we will propose alternative remediation strategies and technology options for consideration and discussion. Thereafter we will carefully select the components to match the specifications.



Once a remediation strategy is agreed, we will design a system based on site requirements, compliance standards, equipment specifications and maintenance needs, using equipment and materials from trusted manufacturers. For sites with unique or particularly challenging remediation needs, creation of a bespoke solution from scratch may be required, which is another of our service options.

If the remediation has several stages or requires equipment modification or relocation, we build in flexibility at the design stage to ensure smooth and cost-effective transitions. We also consider where the system will be installed, the impact of noise, aesthetics and maintenance access on the subject and neighbouring sites, the need for fixed or mobile placement and similar aspects, as relevant to each site.



We build systems that are robust, compliant and flexible, so they can be modified or adapted to future client, site or regulatory needs. We design and construct all our solutions using components proven over many projects, supplied by manufacturers whom we know and trust.



Our remediation solutions are mostly in situ, so installation and testing on site are vital. We deliver, install and test the units on site to ensure that the specified performance can be delivered. This may include independent analysis by third party agencies and adjustment to ensure the required efficacy.



Once tested, we set the units up on site for a whole remediation cycle or for a relevant stage, depending on requirements. This includes consideration of equipment settings, protection from the elements or damage, site security, and the maintenance schedule required to ensure ongoing, incident-free operation.



Ongoing maintenance ensures long term effective operation, and is vital to the success of any remediation project. We build in regular testing to ensure long term conformity with specifications and effective operation of equipment. 


Materials Supply

Consumable material such as Activated Carbon from General Carbon is supplied and changed when required. Similarly BioSolve surfactant, Ziltek soil treatment additives, and MECx oxygen releasing compounds are stocked and supplied.


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